FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Twice a week a group of women and moms take over at Family Ice Center in Falmouth.

The Morning Hockey Society formed in 2009 to offer hockey to women members at 9:20 a.m. every Monday and Friday. A different take on the term hockey mom that Sandy Stevens had to explain to her two kids when she decided to join the society in January.

"Both thought it was very funny," said Stevens. "I went out after my birthday in January and bought a bunch of hockey gear and came home and tried it all on and they were like what? Very surprised, but very excited."

Motherhood isn't required to join the league, but it is a common factor. Balancing a work, family and hockey schedule is something Tamiko Davies has been doing since she started playing the sport ten years ago.

"Every time you go out on the ice you get better and when you're older what other part of life do you get better at something so quickly," asked Davies.

The players don't hesitate to put their padding and helmets to the test because it is hockey after all. Tough women on the roster who could give their kids a run for their money during a power play.

"There's something about the combination of the speed of skating and the intensity of competition that really gets you fired up," said Stevens.

The Morning Hockey Society is always welcoming new players to join the league and are in specific need of goalies to join.