WATERVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTERS) -- A fair share of love stories will be shown during the Maine Internatinoal Film Festival (MIFF) in Waterville this weekend, but there's also a love story with the couple in charge of deciding what films to show.

Ken Eisen and Karen Young met in 2006 when Young starred in a film that was shown in the festival that Eisen was programming. She went from actress to wife, marrying him in 2012 and now works beside Eisen as the programmer for the festival's shorts, while he does the features.

"She's really smart and really perceptive and really lucid and well spoken and she has a lot of experience in film," said Eisen about his wife.

The couple decided on more than 100 films to show during the festival. From a documentary where the main character travels the world to meet her 600 plus Facebook friends, to an emotional journey of a heartbroken woman.

"This year the program is called peril," said Young about the shorts program. "All these films have an element of danger to the main characters without fail. I don't know if it's the times we're living in or what, but I just said oh I have to give that a title."

In addition to the films shown at MIFF, Eisen and Young are also the programmers for the films shown at Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville.