(NEWS CENTER) - When Tess Gerritsen’s mother immigrated to the United States from China, she didn’t speak English especially well. That, says Tess, did not keep her mother from understanding--and loving--American horror movies.

Like mother, like daughter. Tess Gerritsen now lives in Camden, where she writes best-selling crime novels, the latest being “I Know a Secret” in her Rizzoli and Isles series. A few years ago, when she had the chance to write and produce an independent film with her son, she knew what she wanted to do—a horror film shot in Maine called “Island Zero.”

The experience was a hoot. “We spilled a ton of fake blood,” she writes, “burned down a house (on purpose), stayed up way too late, and probably drank too much beer, but hey, guys—we actually made a movie! And what I wrote about horror fans is absolutely true: We are one big happy family. We are not scary people. Trust me.”

If you'd like to hear Tess Gerritsen talk about her writing, she'll be appearing at the Bridgton Public Library. That event is at 6:00 o'clock on Tuesday, October 24th.