LINCOLNVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- John Burstein's career took off in 1976 when his character Mr. Slim Goodbody appeared on television screens. The actor now finds peace and quite lakeside at his Lincolnville home.

The views are perfect, no matter the season, at Burstein's home on Lake Megunticook. It's his place of solace after having spent so many years in the chaos of New York City. He does appreciate the time he had in New York because it's where he found fame.

"I was able to hook up with an agency that was dealing with Kraft foods and at the time they wanted to do something for children and we came up with a show, an adventure series called The Adventures of Slim Goodbody in Nutricity," said Burstein.

Mr. Slim Goodbody appeared on the CBS Show Captain Kangaroo twice a week educating young viewers on good hygiene, nutrition and healthy exercise. He sent the same message on his own half hour PBS show, Inside Story, that started airing in 1980.

"If you love yourself, or appreciate yourself than it's an obligation, or responsibility to take care of this wonderful being," said Burstein.

For over 40 years John has kept Slim working in some form whether on tv, or in books. John doesn't wear the costume anymore, but he has hired an actor who travels to around 30 schools in the U.S. as Mr. Slim Goodbody. While its creator spends his time lakeside enjoying nature and deciding what's next for the human body.

"When I get my age nobody is calling me up and saying come and do this," said Burstein. "I have to make it up and that's a challenge, but on the other hand I get to make it up in Maine and that's fantastic."

Burstein will be performing in the play Darrow this weekend, December 2nd and 3rd, at Watt's Hall in Thomaston. 100% of ticket sales goes towards Meals on Wheels. For ticket information, click here.