When “Rolling Stone” compiled a list of the best amphitheaters in America, it put Red Rocks in Colorado at number one. No question about it, Red Rocks is stunning, a mountainside venue that, as the magazine put it, “can elevate a good show into a totally unforgettable night.”

Nearly two years ago Lyle Divinsky, who grew up in Portland and graduated from Portland High School, became the frontman for a funk-rock-jazz band based in Denver called The Motet, a group that’s been playing all over the United States since the late 1990s and has an especially enthusiastic following in Colorado. Divinsky’s first show with the band in the Denver area came when The Motet headlined at Red Rocks.

“It was pretty funny,” Divinsky recalls, “because The Motet has been a band for almost twenty years now and this new singer comes in at the Red Rocks show. So I had about ten thousand people crossing their arms, looking at me, like, ‘Who’s that?’ “ He was nervous, but not for long. “It is a spiritual place, and you can feel it. And so all nervousness, when I got out there and just kind of felt the energy of the crowd, kind of dissipated and just kind of sunk into excitement.”

Divinsky is back in Portland for Thanksgiving and will perform November 24 and 25 at the Portland House of Music with Model Airplane, the first band he ever sang with back when he was a student at Portland High. The name of the shows: Funksgiving. Even with all the success he’s enjoyed over the last couple of years, Divinsky can’t wait. “It’s going to be amazing,” he says. “It’s always one of my favorite shows of the year, to come together and play with these guys.”