FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Swimming, biking and running are the three common challenges of a triathlon. Not the case with the Leisureman Triathlon.

The two day event kicked off at Easy Day in South Portland with 62 men and 2 women competing in bowling. The first leg of the triathlon that Peter Dufor came up with five years ago after deciding that a traditional triathlon wasn't for him.

"Listening to our wives talk about their triathlon and we decided that we wanted to do our own triathlon, but none of us liked running, swimming, or biking, so we came up with a triathlon made up of events that we enjoyed," said Dufor.

The timing of the event also ties into the leisure theme, spread out between two days. The second day of competition took place at the Falmouth Country Club where there was golfing in the morning and poker in the afternoon.

"It's been awesome," said Jon King. "I mean they do it right since we pulled up last night at the bowling. They just put it on, it's been awesome."

Before starting the third leg of the triathlon, participants learned more about the Travis Mills Foundation that benefits from the funds raised. A non profit that assists wounded and injured veterans and their families.

"It's just really exciting that they come together and they believe in this and it's all for a good cause and I think they're enjoying themselves, so that's always good," said Mills.

The Leisureman Triathlon raised $19,400 for the foundation. Mike Rankin came in first place and Chris Allain received the most leisurely award for his last place finish.