SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Second graders at Governor John Fairfield School in Saco have been practicing on some unique instruments.

Jeff Erwin visits around 20 schools a year, 400 kids in each, with his Junk 2 Funk program. Students learn how to play on recycled items that avoided a landfill thanks to Erwin.

"I always have a pair of sticks and mallets in my truck, so if I see something I'll test it for sound and if it sounds good I'll grab it," said Erwin. "I've found things at the transfer station, especially all the street signs. I make sure kids know I didn't take those from the side of the road."

The program was inspired after Erwin watched a performance of Stomp in 1998. He brought Junk 2 Funk into schools in 2009 to spread the message of recycling to let little ones know the reality of how big their impact can be on the earth.

"All the stuff that he took could be recycled," said eight year old Emily Descoteaux. "So it doesn't go into the land hole things."

The second graders at Fairfield School will be practicing on the recycled instruments all week and performing for their school and families Thursday afternoon.