ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The University of Maine Sports Hall of Fame inducted its newest members, and Bob McPhee was one of those awarded.

We first told you about the assistant coach for the Dirigo Baseball Team in June when we found out that he was going to be inducted. A coach who talks to his players with a computerized voice called a liberator and gets around the field with a motorized wheel chair because of a brain stem contusion that happened in 1976 while playing football.

"The Main thing is to try to remain positive and teach the players about the game and when they're experiencing short comings in things like hitting then point out adjustments that could be tried," said McPhee.

The assistant coach graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Journalism. Since then he's been a sports writer for the Lewiston Sun Journal in addition to coaching the Dirigo team. Two ventures that were large parts as to why he made a good addition to the hall of fame according to his long time friend Jerry Perkins.

"I mean put yourself in Bob's place. He has not been able to walk, or speak since 1976. Many people would give up," said Perkins. "Bob has got no quit in him."

During his acceptance speech into the hall of fame, McPhee talked about his determination in hopes that others would be inspired to achieve their own goals. A speech that earned a standing ovation.

"No one knows how they will act until they are faced with a situation so look within your self and take some responsibility," said McPhee.

Andrew Hartung, Jacob Eaton, Margaret Henrick McGregor, Johanna Riley Evans, and Edward Woodbrey II were also inducted into the University of Maine Sports Hall of Fame during the ceremony held at the Black Bear Inn.