(NEWS CENTER) - It happens to all of us. Our eyesight fades as we get older. But if you're addicted to your phone, that can be an even bigger problem.

Luckily Rich Brooks from Flyte New Media stopped by to show us some tricks you can use on your phone to help you get around your failing eyes. Here are his suggestions:What can we do to make our phones easier to read?

- On the iPhone, there are a lot of features in the Accessibility settings which can be found under General. The first one you want to check out is Larger Text.

- Enable Zoom, which will allow you to double tap with three fingers to zoom in on anything on the screen. Tap outside it to make it go away.

- Turn on Speak Selection. Once that's on, once you select copy, "Speak" is an option, and you can have Siri read to you.

-Turn on Magnifier. Once that's on, triple clicking on the home button will bring up the magnifier. Then you can adjust as necessary.

And for more information on Rich's company, Flyte New Media, you can check out his website at http://www.takeflyte.com/