PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's a new food delivery service in southern Maine. Just by texting the words ice cream you can have homemade dairy delivered to your door in the Portland area in less than an hour.

Starting in September Rosanna's Ice Cream started making the delivers to people in Portland and South Portland. Sallie Wason created the business after friends and family complimented her on her home made batches of ice cream. In the beginning she would get one order a day, but now she can barely keep up with the text messages.

"Friday night we started getting calls at 10 am for orders," said Wason. "Last week our volume tripled in a day."

By texting the words ice cream to 207-450-3259, Wason will send a list of the days flavors. She and her daughter, Sasha Leppanen, make deliveries Wednesday-Sunday from 7 pm-11 pm. Within 45 minutes you'll have your order brought to your door like Katherine Knox and her family have done several times.

"When you have kids and people want something sweet to eat and you don't have to go to the store," said Knox. "They kind of show up to the door with deliciousness and two it's really good."

There hasn't been a customer yet who regretted hitting send on their cell phones. There were some growing pains in the beginning for the new business owner, but now that Wason is used to managing the text orders, things are churning much smoother.

"I've met a lot of people and it's really nice," said Wason. "It's rare that someone is unpleasant in regards to ice cream."

To find out what flavors Rosanna's Ice Cream offers and to keep up with ordering information, visit their facebook page.