PORTLAND, ME (NEWS CENTER) - The city of Portland is winning its battle against an invasive weed that has taken over Capisic Pond.

Cattails became so prevalent, the pond wouldn't even freeze over in the winter. So the city launched a two million dollar dredging project to reclaim it. Just one problem…the pond is home to hundreds of turtles.

So the turtles were moved to four smaller ponds while the project was completed. Now the task of finding those turtles again and returning them back to Capisic is in full swing. So far about two/thirds of the turtles have been found and are back home.

While our cameras were rolling, seven turtles were caught. We also made a friend along the way. Sebastian thinks turtles are cool and likes their color and big shells.

The city hopes to have the project completed in a couple of weeks.