(NEWS CENTER) - Adam Gardner was at Tufts University in Massachusetts when, on his first day as a freshman, he met some other students who, like him, were musicians.

They started playing together, often busking in Harvard Square, hoping someone would throw a buck in a guitar case. That was 1992.

On Saturday, Gardner and those same musicians will take the stage at Thompson’s Point in Portland, the final stop in the 25th anniversary tour of their band, Guster. To a large degree Gardner, who lives in the Portland area, was the driving force behind the weekend’s events for the band, which will also include a performance on a boat on Casco Bay on Friday and an acoustic show on Sunday at a place reachable by kayak. “I’m just so proud of this town,” he says. “I love it here. Been here for thirteen years now.”

It’s been a good run for Guster, a band that has never gotten too hot or too cold. “A question we often hear is, ‘When was your big break?’ We’re still waiting for it,” Gardner says with a laugh. “We didn’t get from busking in Harvard Square to bringing thousands of people to Thompson’s Point or Radio City [Music Hall] or whatever overnight. Obviously it took 25 years.”