RAYMOND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's summer camps are in session including Camp Agawam in Raymond where there was a visit from a man all too familiar with the camp's history.

The camp was started by Appleton Mason in 1919. His son, Dave Mason, was just two years old at the time, but eventually grew up to take over as camp director. During that time he started Maine Idea Week when the camp accepts boys from Maine ages 8-15, free of charge.

"There are a lot of boys in Maine who would love to go to camp, so that's when I started the Maine Idea and the first year we had 25 to 30 boys," said Mason.

This year around 100 Maine Idea campers signed up for a week at Agawam. Mason decided to stop in for a visit during the week to see how his free camping experience is holding up. A special visit considering the fact that he celebrated his 100th birthday in April.

"He's able to remember my name at age 100," said camp counselor Tim Kendall. "He knows that I was the kid he invited to go to camp. He knows who my dad is. He knows where I live."

Mason has as much appreciation for the staff that took over when he retired, as they do for the 100-year-old man who decided that a week at summer camp should be for everyone.

"This is one of the finest camps in the country," said Mason.

The former camp director has received several birthday wishes and cards, including one from Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King who gifted him with a U.S. flag that was flown over the capital building in Washington, D.C.