SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Waban in Sanford creates programs and services to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One of those being the Flower Power program.

The program meets every Thursday morning at Shaw's in Sanford to pick up donated flowers to arrange. After pick up, the group heads to the Southern Maine Agency on Aging to arrange the flowers. Maureen Harvey, Chris Heywood and Holly Holland have spent several hours volunteering their time.

"We work on those work skills," said Heywood.

The group doesn't take the flowers home, but instead arrange them to be delivered with each meal that Meals on Wheels makes for seniors.

"I think this is a great example of us connecting different pieces together to create something that's really awesome," said Melissa Hall, director of Waban's life works.

The flowers are always a welcomed gift to the seniors who receive warm meals. During the last Thursday in November the flower deliveries were extra special. Flower Power accompanied Meals on Wheels, meeting the seniors for the first time. It was a chance for Diana Dubay to express her gratitude to the people who have brought a smile to her face every week.

"That's so nice of you said Diana," as she gave each group member a hug.

There are several volunteer programs and work opportunities offered in addition to the Flower Power program. Waban was especially excited last month when when they opened the new Autism Therapy Wing at the Fraser-Ford Child Development.