Maia Gosselin from came to the 207 studio and shared her choices of wines to pair on Thanksgiving. She had ideas not just for the meal, but for the appetizers and the after party. All of these wine are under 20.

Gran Cesta Brut Reserva Cava;

A gorgeous Brut Reserva with similar qualities to champagne. This wine pairs with the rich, salty, fatty foods that you might have through out the day.

Mirabelle Sparking Rosé

An Italian sparkling wine made in the champagne tradition using Chardonnay grapes, this wine pairs with deserts and sweets. Have a bottle or two chilling during the meal and bring it out with the pies.

Acrobat Pinot Gris

An Oregon Pinot Grigio with a bright, fresh zippy flavor that will cut through & compliment the heavy food we consume over the holiday.

Birichino Malvasia Bianca

Translating to 'Naughty One' a nice arromatic white wine that will stand up next to strongest savory dish in the dinner.

Iron Side Cellars Reserve Pinot Noir

A strong pinot noir with gorgeous red fruit on it and earthy tones. This wine pairs well with you mother in-laws deepest gravy or the dark meat on the turkey platter.

You can find more of Maia's suggestions at

or find her on facebook at Sip Wine Education


Happy Thanksgiving.