PORTLAND, ME (NEWS CENTER) - The first Friday Art Walk is upon us and that means the streets of Portland will be buzzing.

While there are scores of exhibits and performers to choose from, we though we'd focus on two starting at the Maine Jewish Museum.

The Museum itself has three new exhibits... "Before the Flood" features Anita Clearfield's paintings and video installations on the end of times.

"Within the Landscape" is a collection of works by Anne Ireland where she hopes to create the landscape she wants to live in and explores nature.

And in "Final Mourner's Kaddish: 333 Days in Paintings," Max Miller's grief provides the inspiration for an emotional account of his year spent saying Kaddish, the Jewish mourning prayer, for his father.

Also featured in August's walk is 'Natural Order', a solo exhibition of original paintings by Damariscotta artist Jane Herbert. A self-taught artist, Herbert has created fine art for more than fifty years. Her traditional style paintings are a response to nature and the beauty of daily life and industry in coastal Maine communities which continue to thrive amid development.

For more information on all the exhibits and performers, go to http://www.creativeportland.com/first-friday-art-walk-new.