March 15th is Everything You Think Is Wrong Day.

It's a day to celebrate all the things you thought you knew and were, in fact, wrong about.

For instance: nowhere in the Bible does it say how many wisemen there are. Nor does the Humpty Dumpty poem say that Humpty is an egg.

Lyrics are commonly misheard. In "Beast of Burden," for instance, The Rolling Stones do not sing "I never meant to leave your pizza burning."

Napoleon Bonaparte was not short. Pineapples don't grow in trees. The universe is even bigger than you think it is.

Daylight saving time wasn't invented to help farmers. A lot of them, in fact, hate it. Their schedule is set more by the sun than any clock, so when markets open an hour early there's often still dew on the crops they need to harvest.

Everything you think is wrong.