LISBON FALLS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- October is always the busy season for Drapeau's Costumes Of Maine in Lisbon Falls. Normally a place to rent a costume for Halloween, but things are different this year.

The popular costume store announced that Drapeau's will be closing the end of the year. Owner, Kris Cornish, sold the building this year because of online competition like Her hope of selling her collection of 4,000 costumes as a whole was unsuccessful. Every piece will have to be sold individually as customers request a price.

"Unfortunately yes and every time I sell something a little piece of me dies. It's really hard," said Cornish with tears in her eyes.

Drapeau's has been a staple on Main Street in Lisbon Falls for 62 years. Diane Meservier started working for the original owner, Lucienne Drapeau, in 1976 and hasn't stopped sewing and helping customers find the right costume since.

"I don't know too many people who have worked 40 years in one place and not even dread going into work that day," said Meservier. "It never came into my mind. I look forward to it."

Cornish had several prospective buyers interested in purchasing the costume collection, but no one followed through with a purchase. Customers, like Denise Moore, are now able to buy what was previously rented. A good get for her, but no more returns means Drapeau's will no longer be a costume option in the future.

"It will be sadly missed because of the expertise that she has and the relationships she's formed by being kind and helping people," said Moore.

It's the last Halloween for Drapeau's after a run that lasted more than six decades. The end is tough, but the laughs that have been shared and the relationships formed with customers dressing up aren't going anywhere.

"I've had a damn good time. I really have," said Cornish. "This has been the best job of my life."

Cornish says Drapeau's will officially close by the end of December.