Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- "Dean Billings cleaned my walkways and doorways just being a nice neighbor;" that's one of many quotes you'll read in Down East's feature on the small Maine town of Pittsfield; where senior editor Virginia M. Wright writes about the kindness you'll find.

"Pittsfield is a place that I think doesn't get sung as much as it ought to because it's not in the mountains, it's not on the coast, it doesn't have these classic things we think about when we think of Maine, but what it does have is community," said Down East Managing Editor, Brian Kevin.

It has a small town feel, with impressive things to boast about; including the Maine Central Institute, a renowned ballet studio; and the Pond Fire, held once a month spring through fall.

Kevin also sits down with the man who manages Baxter State Park, Jensen Bissell.

"He and his staff have had a number of challenges to deal with over the last few years, including dealing with increases in the number of Appalachian Trail hikers that are coming through; the potential challenges that will be posed by having a National Park Service unit in the form of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument immediately on the eastern flank of the park," says Kevin.

Of course, one of the biggest draws in this month's issue: fall foliage. A photographer travels the state finding some of the best views Maine has to offer.