6 years in the making Knack Factory and Might & Maine have the gift guide you have been waiting for.


Some interesting points about the guide:

  • Gift guides are a dime a dozen, so we wanted to use ours to show off more than just vanilla waifs and comely lumberjacks. From the photographers we have collaborated with to the models who show off featured products, we created this guide with the intention of showing the world what we love about our home state.
  • Our goal is to provide a platform for finding and appreciating a huge variety of objects that are made right here, in Maine. The importance of supporting local business is close to our hearts, as money spent in this manner is more likely to make cool things happen in our communities.
  • In shooting everything in house, our aim is to challenge vendors and salespeople to think dynamically about how they represent and market their products. Every detail, down to model choice and items featured, are meant to represent how beautiful and diverse our state truly is. Whether you’re looking to buy clothing, jewelry, books, pet supplies or products for your home, someone in our home state is making something amazing..
  • We don't take a cut of sales—you go straight to the vendor—and our underwriters, while appreciated, don't get priority over other vendors. Finally, we don't believe in pay-to-play advertising, and we select items based on our interests, not because a vendor paid to appear.

A number of the gifts, donated by vendors, will be available for a charity auction that we're holding at Rhum on First Friday [December 1st]. The proceeds will go to Frannie Peabody Center [it will be World AIDS Day, Speak About It, and the Maine Initiatives Racial Justice Grant Giving program.