PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A couple celebrating milestone birthdays a month apart from each other had their first surprise party ever.

Gloria and Edward Gallant have reached plenty of milestones in their life. Married 66 years, five kids, 13 grand kids, and two great grand kids. Both are active as ever and attend the forever fit workout class at Fitness Factory in Portland three days a week. Instructor Giana Storey and their workout friends decided to hold a surprise birthday party for the couple who turned 90-years-old within a month of each other.

"I go in with my daily stresses and they calm me down, or they give me advice," said Storey about the couple. "All the juicy tidbits of wisdom is priceless from them."

The Gallants couldn't have been more surprised by the balloons, cupcakes and presents that were given to them on their birthday. Not too much shock value though, given their age.

"Surprised? We could have died of shock at this age," said Gloria. "See if we hadn't been coming here we probably would have. The heart couldn't have taken it."

Aside from fitness, the husband and wife also do as much in their communities as they can. They have been volunteering at the St Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen for seventeen years. The common question they get asked on their birthdays is what their secret to longevity is. The answer is as sweet as you would expect from a husband and wife with almost seven decades of marital bliss.

"I've never been his old lady. I've always been his girlfriend," said Gloria with smile.