CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The first ever Downeast Lobster Roll Festival is happening Saturday at Thompson's Point in Portland.

There will be fun for the kids, adults and a taste test show down to decide the 'World's Best Lobster Roll'. Twelve finalists are coming from as far as Los Angeles, but there are others closer to home such as Bite Into Maine in Cape Elizabeth. Owner Sarah Sutton feels up to the challenge of impressing the judges with her Picnic Style Lobster Roll.

"A lot of making sure we get our fresh baked bread, making sure we get our fresh Maine lobster," said Sutton. "It's really just about making sure we're prepared."

Luke Holden is one of the competitors representing rolls made out of state. He started Luke's Lobster because he thought there would be a market for real Maine lobster rolls in New York City. He opened his first shop in Manhattan in 2009 and now has outlets in New York, Washington, Boston and Philadelphia. Whether in those metro areas, or grilled closer to home a lobster roll has a way of creating a line where ever the setting.

"People like something good to eat, something different, something someone else has said is a tasty thing to have," said Sharon Huber during her visit to Bite Into Maine.

Four dollars of every lobster roll bought during the Downeast Lobster Roll Festival will be donated to the Maine Lobstermen's Community Alliance. The event runs Saturday from Noon to 5 p.m.