DAMARISCOTTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Mobius Incorporated has been providing services to people living with a disability for nearly 40 years. There's a fundraising effort happening for one of its volunteers to help her get to and from the Damariscotta facility.

You'll find Savannah Robinson greeting Mobius visitors and answering the phone twice a week. She's good with people at the non-profit that supports adults living with disabilities. Everyone calls her Vannah, where aside from helping others she also receives help. The 31-year-old has Cerebral Palsy.

"When she was first diagnosed she was about four," said her mom Angie Robinson. "She physically got worse. She wasn't able to do the things that she had done then and her neurologist ran some tests and discovered that she has deterioration in her cerebellum."

Robinson wouldn't be able to get around each day if it wasn't for the help she gets from Harley Richards with Mobius. The direct support professional guides Robinson's wheel chair, but also does her fair share of lifting the heavy chair in and out of cars. It takes about ten minutes to break down the wheel chair and that's if nothing goes wrong.

"Some days are harder than others," said Richards. "She has fallen on me a couple of times and with it just being me, if I'm here I can come find another employee to help me."

A fundraiser was started by Linda Porter, Mobius program manager, to get Robinson her own handicap accessible van. So far $900 has been raised of a $26,000 goal. If successful, it will mean Robinson will be able to be driven to her volunteering and part time jobs without getting a sprain, or breaking a bone.

"She's so genuine and amazing and I kept thinking, wouldn't it be great to be able to get her into a wheel chair van," said Porter.

There will be a spaghetti supper benefit on November 17th to raise money for Robinson's van. It starts at 5pm at the Hahn Center in Friendship. There's also a bank account set up at First National Bank in Damariscotta. Checks can be sent there and made out to the Van For Vannah Fun.