BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Cats from the Bangor Humane Society are used to traveling to senior centers.

Cats up for adoption have been making trips to visit seniors for about a year. The weekly visits with Cats On Laps was started by Laurie Qualey to socialize the animals before they are put up for adoption. She wanted to combine her love of animals with her compassion for senior citizens. Two things that happen to be a part of her major at the University of Maine.

"Getting my Masters In Social Work and they also have a program that an Inter Profession Certification in gerontology and that's really where my passion is and to be able to combine my love of animals with my passion for people is really great," said Qualey.

Though the name suggests purring, there's also some barking in the room to satisfy everyone's pet preferences. Hazel Frost, resident at Phillips-Strickland House, makes sure she gets a good seat as soon as possible at a chance to sit and keep a cat, or dog, company with a pet and cuddle.

"Every time they come I come down, I come to see them," said Frost. "Oh I just love them."

Cat's On Laps also makes weekly visits to Ross Manor and East Side Center for Health Rehabilitation in Bangor, as well as Dirigo Pines Retirement Community in Orono.