From the Minds of Bull Moose Music, These Are The Newest Releases

Atomic Blonde: Cold-War era Spy Thriller where Charlize Theron plays an awesomely badass secret agent that kicks a whole bunch of butts in Berlin. The whole movie is super stylized and I really appreciated how the soundtrack (filled with memorable 80s tunes) is as much a part of the story as the characters. Plus there’s a really memorable fight scene in a stairwell masterfully edited to appear as though it’s shot in a single cut. Between this and Mad Max: Fury Road I think it’s safe to say that Hollywood needs to find more action movies with Ms Theron as the lead.

Atomic Blonde Stairwell Scene:

Artemis: Hey, speaking of badass female protagonists Andy Weir is back with a follow-up to his hugely successful sci-fi novel ‘The Martian’. His newest book, Artemis, follows 26 year old Jazz Bashara a smuggler who works on a city on the moon who gets drawn into a greater conspiracy. This one is more adventurous (and also much funnier) than The Martian, but a great read if you’re looking for a techno-thriller. I’m sure the movie adaptation (directed by Phil Lord & Ken Miller of 21 Jump Street & Lego Movie fame) will be amazing.

Poppy – Poppy Computer: Poppy is… What is Poppy? Poppy is a youtube personality known for her surreal videos (such as one where she stares into the camera and repeats the phrase “I’m Poppy” for 10 minutes. That video as 12 million views). Think of her as a sort of pastel-nightmare version of Taylor Swift. Jumping out of youtube and into the ‘real’ world Poppy Computer is a fun album full of catchy hooks and radio-friendly melodies, while maintaining the satirical commentary which form the basis for Poppy’s performance art. Give it a listen and you may soon find yourself saying ‘I’m not in a cult being lead by Poppy’.

Poppy- Moshi Moshi (official video):

Metallica – Master of Puppets Remastered: There is a lot of debate about what the best heavy metal riff of all time is; but all that arguing is for naught because the answer is Master of Puppets. Metallica’s magnum opus got a remaster last Friday and the super-expanded edition comes with so many cool extras like an entire live sets from the 1980s, rare tape recordings, and early demos where the bands just sings “la la la la” over familiar riffs because the lyrics hadn’t be settled yet. A must have for metal fans. Obey your (re)master.

Note: Mick and Chris might not necessarily agree with each other about the riff.

Aretha Frankin With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – A Brand New Me:

Aretha Franklin’s original vocals from many of her best-known songs were given new backing tracks. They kept her piano and the original rhythm section, but they added strings, new instruments, and new backing vocals.