The Bakery Photo Collective in Portland began life in a building on Pleasant Street once occupied by—surprise--a bakery. Several years ago, as rents rose in the city, it moved to Westbrook, but now it’s back in Portland, tucked into a space on Forest Avenue in Woodfords Corner.

On Friday the Collective, an artist-run space that serves photographers throughout southern Maine, will put on its biggest event of the year, an auction called Photo a Go Go. Nearly one hundred pictures will be up for sale, with half the proceeds going to the photographers, half to the Collective. The money the Collective raises will be invested in what photographers need: workshops, talks, darkrooms, printers, scanners and more. The aim is to create a regional hub where anyone, beginner or expert, can drop by to learn and get better. “A great facility is always nice,” says Tonee Harbert, a driving force behind the collective and a gifted photographer in his own right. “But I think more than anything photographers need other people to talk to.”