PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Generosity has saved a program for food insecure students at the Ella P Burr Elementary School in Lincoln.

It's only been two weeks since the food on the shelves of the back pack program room at Burr Elementary was at risk of going away because of a lack of funds. Food that is organized by Patrice Turner and that helps feed 41 students at the school who are food insecure.

"Found out this year that we need to sustain it ourselves so I need to get $1,500 in order for Good Shepherd to match me," said Turner.

Turner put out a letter for help in the local news paper, but only received three responses. Things weren't looking good for the food that gets packed up once a week by high school volunteers.

"It's huge," said school principal Christina Doore. "If kids are worried about when am I going to get my next meal they can't learn. They're too busy focusing on those basic needs."

A parent heard that the program was in danger of going away and decided to post Turner's letter on Facebook. From there the food donations and checks started to flood into the small storage room. In less than 24 hours the $1,500 needed was raised and eventually reached around $4,000 in donations.

"We're high poverty and there's still people who are reaching out to help in big ways and in little ways, but they're all working together," said Turner.

If you'd like to donate to the back pack program, contact the Ella P Burr Elementary School by calling 207-794-3014.