(NEWS CENTER) - This week's new releases at Bull Moose prove one thing. Albums and records can be made in many different ways.

Beck's new album "Colors" is out. He says it took him nearly four years to make. Then there's Maine rapper Spose's new drop "Humans" which was made in around 20 hours.

Here's a look at all of this week's hot releases, and for more information on Bull Moose, check out their website at www.bullmoose.com/

Beck – Colors CD, LP

You never know exactly what Beck is going to do. All you know is that it’s going to be interesting. We will let you know where Beck is these days tonight. This album was recorded over the last four years, as Beck had time.

St Vincent – Masseduction CD, LP
Like Beck, St. Vincent can experiment with sound and mash genres together while still sounding like herself. This album

Spose – Humans (digital only)

On Friday, 10/6, Spose and 50 prominent Maine musicians, rappers, and producers gathered at Halo Studio in Windham, with the goal of recording an album in 24 hours. They made it in around 20 hours and released it digitally a week later.

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Blu-ray, DVD, 3D, 4K

Spider-Man has been re-rebooted, this time as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In general, people thought this was very well-done.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Blu-ray, DVD

The newly restored version previously was only available in an $80 limited box set last year. If you missed the box, you can get the film and all the bonus materials, including 90 minutes of deleted scenes. David Lynch says you need this to understand the new Twin Peaks TV show.