SACO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Four dogs waiting for adoption in Maine aren't getting the interest they deserve.

The adult beagles arrived at Helping Paws Rescue seven weeks ago from rescue situations in Mississippi. So far the system hasn't exactly worked in their favor because of younger puppies that are claimed for adoption as fast as they come in according to volunteer Melissa Palumbo.

"A puppy litter came in right behind them and then another puppy litter came in right behind that, so we haven't really had a lot of interest in the adult dogs because everybody likes the puppies," said Palumbo.

Palumbo is currently fostering five year old Kaitlynn. What she lacks in speed, she makes up for in friendliness.

"She likes everybody," said Palumbo. "She likes kids, she likes dogs, she likes everyone who's come to visit."

Her four year old friend Sammy is a little more on the shy side, but is also waiting for that perfect human match.

"He's also a little more laid back and sweet, but he's also a little more nervous than Kaitlynn is," said Palumbo. "We would want someone who's willing to take the time to let him warm up."

Gina, who's also four years old, is with her foster family in Bangor. Though she's not as close to her three dog friends, she's just as eager as the rest of the gang to be adopted.

"She has a lot of great energy and she loves her treats," said Palumbo. "She's looking for a family that's going to give her the time to transition into the sweet little dog that she is."

The youngest of the crew is two year old Buddy, who happens to be the most active. He's great with kids and has several tricks up his paw he's ready to show off.

"Buddy is very smart," said Palumbo. "He's a little more active than the other three because he's a lot younger. He's about two years old and he already knows how to sit and stay and give paw."

To inquire about adopting one of the four beagles, or to find out more about becoming a foster family with Helping Paws Rescue, click here.