PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - When South Portland's Julie Falatko sits down to write a new children's book, it's usually takes her only twenty minutes to write the basic plot. But it won't hit the bookshelves in stores for months after that.

Julie says she will walk away from the book and rewrite it 15-20 times until she feels like she's hit all the right notes. But the final and toughest focus group is usually her four children.

Her original book Snappsy the Alligator (Did not ask to be in this book) was so successful she has come out with the follow-up. The sequel, Snappy the Alligator (And his Best Friend Forever! Probably) will be debuting this weekend. There's a book launch party at Print A Bookstore on October 7th and a sleepover party at the South Portland Public Library on October 12th. For more information on both books, check out: