LOVELL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Sherry Kahn and her family first visited the Quisisana Resort on Kezar Lake in Lovell sixteen years ago. “At the first dinner, one of our twelve year old girls said, ‘Mommy, can we come here every year forever?’ And I said, yes!”

It’s easy to see why the guests keep coming back, often bringing children and then grandchildren. Set on the shore of Kezar Lake with arresting views of the White Mountains, Quisisana has the elegant retro charm that comes when a resort has been around for decades, catering to people who enjoy the good things in life and don’t want too much progress to alter their summer getaway.

What make Quisisana really different, though, is the entertainment, everything from opera to Broadway shows to cabaret, performed six nights a week by the employees, many of whom are college students majoring in music and theatre. Sherry Kahn says the talent is truly impressive. “It’s very humbling to have these people cleaning your cabins and waiting on you at meals, and then you go in and you hear them perform and you think, ‘I should be waiting on you, you shouldn’t be waiting on me.”

In the rooms you’ll find no TVs, no phones, no radios. And for some guests, there’s one other virtue that may be the best of all: no cell service.