BOWDOINHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- One 12-year-old Trinity Theberge spent her summer vacation raising money for veterans -- she donated over $3,000 to the Travis Mills Foundation.

"I was like, 'wow I can't believe I got so much'." Theberge said. She started fundraising in April. It started with selling duct-tape pens at craft fairs and flea markets, then branched off into Scentsy orders and garden succulents. She even conducted her own bottle drives. "We had like over $200 there from all the bottles that we got." Theberge said. She set out to raise $500 and ended up raising more than $1,500 on her own. On top of that, Spectrum healthcare partners matched her $1,000.

Trinity comes from a long line of veterans -- her great-grandfather was a Navy gunner during World War 2 who helped ferry men to Normandy on D-Day. His service inspired her to do more for others. "I just like helping people a lot and I think the veterans are so good and they've done a lot for our country." Theberge said.

She also had a little inspiration from Staff Sergeant Travis Mills -- which is why she decided to donate the money to the Travis Mills foundation. The foundation supports combat injured veterans and their families. Trinity expected some recognition for her cause -- but she never expected Mills to thank her personally. Mills surprised Theberge when she was making a guest appearance on a local radio station.

"He was a really funny guy," Theberge said. "It was really fun hanging out with him."

She's hoping to raise even more in the upcoming months and already has a plan to make that happen. "I'm going to ask if we can do a fundraiser at school this year," Theberge said. "Then I'm just going to continue doing it for a while."