(NEWS CENTER) -- It's National Physical Therapy Month

Licensed physical therapist Mary Kroth-Brunet from "Back in Motion" was with us this morning to tell us about one of the most common problems she sees.

Low back pain.

It's still the number one problem treated. Even though we have made a lot of medical advances we are allowing technology to take over our lives. One study showed a 66% increase in doctor's visits for back/neck pain from 2000 to 2010.

Known risk factors:

1. Low income

2. Smokers

3. Obesity

Some of the things you can do to prevent lower back pain:

1. Exercise regularly

2. Use good body mechanics and posture

3. Seek help early if pain lasts for more than two days

4. Avoid masking the pain with medications

Physical therapy is an alternative to surgery, it can help lower the cost of treating back pain and allows you to have individualized treatment.