(NEWS CENTER) -- This month, we see so much pink for breast cancer awareness, but what does it all really mean. Why is being aware so important? Because early detection saves lives, and that means getting a yearly mammography.

This information comes from The Breast Care Specialists of Maine at Mercy Hospital:

Screening mammography decreases the mortality from breast cancer by 20%.

Breaking this down by age:

15% decrease ages 40-49, 14% decrease ages 50-59 and 32% decrease ages 60-69.

This is why the recommendation is made to start screening at 40! One in six breast cancers occur in women in their 40's.Starting screening at 40 saves 6500 more lives per year than starting at 50.

97% of women prefer having mammograms regularly even if it means they might be recalled or need a biopsy, because they would like to have an earlier diagnosis of cancer.

Mammography is the only breast screening test that improves breast cancer survival.

The amount of radiation from a mammogram is lower than the average person is exposed to every day, so it's extremely safe.

Consider getting in touch with your doctor today about setting up a screening.