PASSADUMKEAG, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Every continent except Antarctica will be represented over the weekend at the 'Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island' ceremony.

Hundreds of people from around the world are gathering to cleanse their souls and renew their sacred contracts to one another. "We all carry a lot of trauma from the history of our relationships with one another as human beings" Sherri Mitchell said. Mitchell is a member of Penobscot Nation. "Especially in the way that it was founded, it was founded in violence".

Elders and members from different tribes and backgrounds will take part in rituals and song and join their hearts and their minds together to bring forth a healing energy. There are also non-members and those of other religious backgrounds attending as well.

"We came here today for a cultural exchange" Obakeng Sthamo said. Sthamo is part of the Mendella Washington Fellowship and from Botswana. "Where we come from we believe in communities and in communities we take care of each other -- and that is why we are here, to witness this love".

"This gives people a glimpse into what's possible" Mitchell said. "If we can start sitting with one another, listening to one another's stories and start opening space in our hearts for one another then we are going to be able to make some dramatic changes in the way that we are walking upon the earth".

The website for the ceremony states "Whether we were the victims, the perpetrators, or the witness to that violence, that wound is imprinted on our spirits. Now, the time has come for us to acknowledge that wound, together, so that we can heal it and begin working together to heal Mother Earth".

It also says "The first day will be for healing the wounds carried within the hearts and minds of the people. THe second day will be for healing the wounds of Mother Earth. And, the third day will be for healing the energetic and spiritual imprint of the wound that lays over the Earth.

This ceremony is the first of 21 others that will take place over the course of the next 21 years across the nation.