OKLAHOMA CITY, Okl. (NEWS CENTER) - A gay man from Oklahoma filed a lawsuit against nine defendants this week for assault and battery charges, according to a National Center for Lesbian Rights press release on Sunday, August 6.

Randy Gamel-Medler was first threatened in September 2016 at a town council meeting one month after his move to Hitchcock, Oklahoma. A Town of Hitchcock Trustee made a racist comment upon learning that Gamel-Medler has an African-American son.

Gamel-Medler filed a police report, but no criminal action was taken.

"We were terrorized, murder threats were made against our seven year-old African-American son," said Gamel-Medler. "Town officials conspired to run us out of office, all while local law enforcement ignored our pleas for help."

At the beginning of May 2017, Gamel-Medler was clearing an obstruction from the road, per his duties as town clerk, when he was assaulted by defendant, Jonita Pauls Jack. Jack had tried to enter Gamel-Medler's truck and, upon finding it locked, began to call him expletives and threaten his son.

Gamel-Medler attempted to file a report, but the Deputy Sheriff cited the incident as free speech.

On May 28, Gamel-Medler heard glass breaking in his garage and called the Sheriff's office to report a burglary. He then saw a fire in the garage and called the fire department, who failed to arrive until the house had completely burned down.

"The horrific treatment of this man and his child are a terrible reminder of how hatred and bigotry feed off of each other," said Gamel-Medler's attorney, Mark Hammons. "I hope this lawsuit will bring justice for him and social awareness for everyone."