FAIRFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Winslow Police made an emergency call to the home of another local cop after an infant was bitten by a K9 in training.

At about 10 p.m., on Wednesday, February 24th, authorities responded to a call from Fairfield Police Officer Jordan Brooks. Brooks reported that one of their new K9's had punctured his infant child. Officer Brooks was off-duty and at home during the incident.

When Brooks daughter was transferred to EMMC, due to access to neonatal care, medical staff found puncture wounds as well as bruised ribs.

Winslow Animal Control has conducted an investigation into the matter -- there are no plans for criminal charges. Their office does not consider the attack 'premeditated.'

Brooks daughter is at EMMC for observations with non-life threatening injuries.

Although The Fairfield Police Department planned to add K9 "Rex" to their staff he has not yet attended the Maine Criminal Justice Academy K9 Patrol School. His classes were set to begin mid-march.

"Rex" is being quarantined at Waterville Humane Society -- his vaccinations are all current.

The Fairfield Police Department has not yet made a firm decision on whether or not to go forward with "Rex."