WALES, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Several students at Oak Hill High School in Wales are now facing detention for skipping school and protesting.

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They want to know why their teacher, Miss O'Brien, is not being welcomed back to teach next school year.

One mother is refusing to let her son go to detention - even if that means picking him up from school and driving him back for Driver's Ed later.

She says he shouldn't be punished for doing what is right.

Over 60 students skipped school Tuesday and stood outside with signs, demanding answers from school administrators.

The school board says this is a "personnel matter" and it is not able to provide any other info.

Wednesday, the students had a meeting with the school board chair - still no info on Miss O'Brien, but the school board chair says that the meeting went well, and that students were prepared with a thoughtful conversation.

Also on Wednesday, however, multiple students were told by the school principal that they would have detention on Friday because of the protest.

One student, Jacob Brooks, says he was surprised to receive a detention, especially after the school board chair released a statement saying "We appreciate the passion that our student body has to support our educators."

Brooks' mom, though, says he's not going. "He is not doing the detention on Friday," said Brooks's mother, Amy. "And they are going to give him a two-day in school suspension? He will not do the two day in school suspension either. They're getting punished for doing something that was right. And I think I'm getting singled out because I did voice my opinion and I did back these kids up. And I think that's why I was singled out."

Amy says that she also received a phone call from the school principal telling her that she is no longer welcome on school property.

The school board chair says that he doesn't know enough about that situation to comment at this time.

Amy says she won't be attending Wednesday night's school board meeting at the high school at 6:30 because she's too worried.