ISLESBORO, Maine (VillageSoup) -- In remarks delivered at Islesboro Central School's graduation ceremony June 11, U.S. Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, offered his congratulations to the seven graduating seniors of the Class of 2017 and applauded the entire island community on their success in helping the students learn, grow and succeed.

King was invited to speak to speak by one of the graduating seniors, Olivia Olson, who wrote Sen. King last September to say:

“The Islesboro Central School Class of 2017 is not a large one; there are seven of us. Nonetheless, our graduation is a community event ….Not only are the family and friends of the graduating class proud of the seniors, but the entire community is. Each person on the island helped the students who attend Islesboro Central School to grow and learn and become successful people.”

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