PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Hall School has been a part of Portland's education system since 1957 when it first opened.

Now - it's out with the old, and in with the new.

Saturday, the school held an open house for alumni and families to come through and take one last look at the 60-year-old building before it is torn down.

The school will begin a one-year construction phase, and a brand new school will be open for students in September of 2018.

Though the change is bittersweet for most students, alumni, and teachers - there is one thing that remains constant: the dynamic teaching duo of Kathy St. Clair and Heidi Litman.

The two went to the Hall School in the 1960s, for kindergarten through sixth grade. They were just one grade apart in school, and they were next door neighbors at home.

That friendship only grew when after college, both Litman and St. Clair found a job teaching at the Hall School.

But it didn't stop there. The two learned in 1994 that they would become classroom partners - teaching a joint second grade class.

It's been that way ever since. The two are still neighbors, living just a house away from each other. They still teach in the same classroom - and they don't plan on stopping because of the construction.

Both Litman and St. Clair say they will stay at the Hall School through the construction year and at least one year of the new school - which has not yet been named.

They say they want to remain a part of the history of the school they love so much, since they are the only teachers at the school that have such a rich history in the halls of Hall.

What keeps them coming back to Hall? "We've always had such a supportive parent group, and we've always had a community when we needed it," said St. Clair. "It's always been so diverse," added Litman. "We have students who are doctors' children to kids who just came off a plan or a boat. I think that's what makes it special, too."

The coincidences don't stop there. In the interim construction year, the two will move to a temporary classroom - the exact same classroom where they attended kindergarten.

The Hall School will be renamed when it is torn down and rebuilt - but the name has not been chosen yet. Construction will begin within the next two weeks.