Next Monday we'll see a partial solar eclipse in Maine. The moon will cover part of the sun as it passes between the sun and the earth. The last time the US saw a total eclipse was in 1979. The last time we saw one in Maine was on July 20, 1963.

In Maine, we'll see 50% to 60% of the sun get covered (less north, more south), so it'll still be fun to look at, but not as impressive as somewhere like Charleston, South Carolina where they are in the path of totality, which means they'll see 100% of the sun get blocked by the moon.

Make sure you don't look at the eclipse with out eclipse glasses. You can hurt your eyes just as you would any other day when staring at the sun. In Maine and New Hampshire you need to leave the glasses on the entire time. Portland Public Library has glasses available to the public for free.

The partial eclipse will begin in Portland at 1:29:20 pm. The maximum eclipse will be at 2:45:52. The eclipse will end in at 3:57:02. The rest of the state will be very similar in timing.

Maine will next see a total solar eclipse April 8, 2024 when the path of totality goes through Western Maine.

We plan to stream the total eclipse on our website, apps, and Facebook pages.