HALLOWELL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's Public Utilities Commission has just agreed to new electricity rates for 2017.

These are the standard offer rates, only affecting customers with Central Maine Power and Emera Maine.

If your household or small business goes by CMP's standard rate, you'll see a 3.5% increase, to 6.69 cents/kWh.

CMP medium business customers will see a decrease of about 1.3% to 6.83 cents/kWh.

Emera Maine residential and small business customers will see a dip in standard offer rates to 6.322 cents/kWh; a drop of 4.6%.

Medium business customers will see a drop of .6% to 6.7 cents/kWh.

Large business prices will adjust to market prices for both CMP and Emera customers.

The new rates go into effect January 1st, and will last for 12 months.

Despite the rate changes, your bill still may not go down. Each company charges a delivery fee; that rate is decided separately.

PUC officials say they are currently in talks with Emera Maine on its rates, and are unsure when they will take up more talks with CMP.