BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Women across the country along with women here in Maine marked International Women's Day by participating in 'A Day Without A Woman'.

It's a strike of sorts and an extension of the Women's March that took the world by storm the day after President Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Debbie Atwood is from Brunswick and decided not to go to work Wednesday.

"Movements work when people show up. I'm fortunate I'm able to take the day so I did," says Atwood.

Atwood says more than a hundred people showed up for the gathering in Brunswick. It was supposed to be outside but the weather pushed them in doors. A sea of red women and men listened to inspiring stories of women from suffragettes to Rachel Carson.

"The whole point is to show impact. Some people can't take the day off work today but they can say I'm not spending my money," says Atwood.

Beth Leonard is a local business owner who took the day off. Instead of working, she wanted to support local businesses owned by other women.

"I can't not come out in this moment in time. Whenever there is a gathering or a demonstration if I can be there I will. It is to stay connected with people who are concerned about the state of things today," says Leonard.

Other local businesses closed for lunch so employees could attend the gathering. Organizers say this year's International Women's Day has more weight than ever before, not just for women but also for the men who support them.