BERWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Berwick town officials will distribute bottled water to customers Friday morning after tests revealed high levels of manganese in the town's water supply.

Thursday the town advised pregnant women, infants, and young children to drink bottled water. This warning comes after higher than recommended levels of manganese in the town's water which has 900 customers.

Manganese is not harmful to adults but above normal levels can cause brain damage in young children.

Wade Stadig says he asked for his water to be tested after black water mixed with sediment came out of the tap.

He says the water department didn't test the water and told his wife who is 8 months pregnant it was safe to drink.

"My family continued to drink the water for another week and we were told the water is fine and it's ten times the EPA guidelines so it's extremely frustrating we pay for clean water," said Stadig.

One gallon of bottled water will be distributed to each arriving family at the Berwick Fire Department from 8 a.m. to 7 a.m. tomorrow.