AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An Augusta man will spend the rest of his life in prison for sexually assaulting two boys under the age of 12.

After hearing from both sides, the judge ruled that Hoover would serve a 60-year sentence for the state concurrent with his 40-year federal sentence.

Wade Hoover has pleaded guilty to assaulting two boys and videotaping the incidents.

Hoover worked at the National Alliance on Mental Illness and ran a martial arts studio. He knew both of the boys and their families.

Emotions ran high Wednesday morning as both the mother of one of his victims and Hoover himself addressed the court.

Hoover apologized and asked for forgiveness from both boys and their families, "I admit my weakness. I ask and hope you can find the strength to overcome any anger you may hold." He also said he hopes the young men can continue with their lives and move forward.

The mother of one of the victims said she hopes someday to forgive, but she's not there yet. "I don't wish you harm, but I do feel that this country needs to be protected from you and to keep you behind bars forever. Whatever this court gives you for a sentence today, I will be done with it. You can do all your appeals you want but the reality is you have to face a higher power than what we have to face today." She went on to say, "I will walk proudly knowing I have done everything I could to protect the next generation of children from a man like you."

The court has also ordered that Hoover have no contact with the victims or family members, and that when released would have constant supervision and no access to the internet.