BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Attorneys on the Ferguson murder case spent the entire afternoon presenting their closing arguments on Monday.

Thomas Ferguson is on trial for a 20115 shooting that left one person dead and another wounded. The state says that Ferguson shot and killed 38-year-old Robert Kennedy and wounded 42-year-old Barry Jenkins inside an apartment on Center Street on the day after Thanksgiving.

During their closing arguments, both sides presented their cases in their entirety. The defense attacked the state's case saying that it has not met the burden of proof - that the state has not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Ferguson was the principal and the accomplice in the case.

Specifically, the defense attacked the credibility of the state's witnesses, and they claimed that the evidence is circumstantial, and not sufficient to implicate Ferguson.

Although the closing arguments are complete, there are some "loose ends" regarding evidence that the judge will be addressing. When a verdict will be issued in this case is unknown at this time.