SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Rather than fulfilling their promise to patch the holes in your driveway, phony pavers will instead poke holes in your bank account.

Scarborough Police put a warning on their Facebook page about a scam making the rounds with a particular focus on elderly victims. Someone who presents themselves as a contractor will go door-to-door in a neighborhood, offering to do paving work as a discount price. As an explanation of their low rates, they claim to have extra asphalt that was left over from another job.

Once you agree to the deal, the scam takes another turn. Police say the worker will suddenly stop construction and demand thousands of dollars extra to correct a mistake, even going to far as to escort the victim to the bank to help with the withdrawal. Minutes later, the check is cashed before the victim can realize they've been scammed.

Police have several tips to protect against being fooled:

  • Ask the paver to show proof of insurance
  • Call the police if they begin work with consent
  • Watch out for suspicious behavior targeting susceptible neighbor
  • Call the police about unfamiliar or suspicious people in your neighborhood