HAMPDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Tracy Guerrette was the first place winner for women in the Main Marathon in Portland this past weekend. The St. Agatha finished with a time of 2:43:47, which qualifies her for the 2020 Olympic trials.

Guerrette has been an athlete all her life. Along with being a runner, she is currently the coach of the All Saints Catholic School boys and girls cross country team, and wants to pass her passion for sports down to the next generation.

“It’s a lot of fun," said Guerrette. "I push them kind of hard, but at the same time I want them to love sports and love running."

Guerrette grew up playing basketball and went onto play at the University of Maine. She says that the coaching influences in her life inspired her to be a better athlete and she hopes to pass that passion onto her team.

“I just want to encourage them, and challenge them," said Guerrette. "And to really see sport in it’s purity. You know it is a place to grow in virtue. To have fun.”

As Guerrette looks ahead she has her eyes set on the 2020 Olympic Trials and the Boston Marathon in 2017.

"Running is such a gift and I want to see how good I can be with it." said Guerrette. "My time gets me into the elite field in a lot of different races. And you know, I was joking around I would love to start with the elites in Boston."