UPDATE-- According to his Facebook page, Maine rapper Spose has accomplished his goal of writing and recording a 10 song album in 24 hours.

At 4:48am Saturday morning, the artist posted to his official Facebook page saying "10 songs DONE!!!! In one day... we did it!! Absolutely unbelievable effort by every person who came [through] what an amazing team effort today. Super thankful!!"

WINDHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine rapper Spose has set an unusual challenge for himself: to write and record an entire eight to 10 song album in just 24 hours.

Not only will he try to take just a day to complete what normally takes eight months, but he says he wants this 24-hour job to be as good as any album he has made in his 10-year career.

Spose, whose real name is Ryan Peters, is currently in The Halo Studio in Windham. He started at 10 o'clock this morning with other artists who are helping him write and record the album. Spose has been keeping his fans updated on how it's going via Facebook and Instagram.

He says he's always looking for new marketing twists.

"I always think of things from a marketing perspective, and I thought doing it live on Facebook, using the technology we have now, and also using this great studio, I could pull it off," said Peters. "However, conventional logic would tell everybody I can't. so I think a lot of people might watch the live stream or the Facebook hoping to see me fall flat on my face. I might pull it off, and I might not. There's a chance I could fail and I think that kind of is exciting."

If he is successful, Spose plans to release that completed album in about a week, on October 13.