MARION, Iowa - A little person ... somewhere ... is missing him badly.

An Iowa woman is doing her best to help a wayward stuffed animal find his way home, and folks on social media are fired up about helping in the effort. Katie Hoeppner is a health care professional from Cedar Rapids who was on the road last weekend when she stopped at a rest stop on Interstate 80. While in the ladies room, she found a floppy limbed stuffed dog who had inadvertently been left behind.

A mom herself, Katie had a feeling someone was missing the critter, who she quickly named George, quite badly. She immediately posted on her Facebook account, including pictures of George road tripping in the front seat (with belt on, of course), jamming out to the radio and once home, running errands with her family, watching the tube and generally being loved.

The post quickly took off on Facebook, with folks across America sharing it in hopes of getting George the stuffed pup home. Katie promised to keep posting pics of George and updates until his owner is found.